Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Jenna Land Free of Folio Literary

Jenna Land Free is a literary agent with Folio Literary.

Jenna is seeking nonfiction only (no fiction). She is drawn to books that help us see longstanding issues in entirely different ways. From politics, to end-of-life care, to parenting, education, travel, and history, Jenna looks for ideas that break us out of the mold and change the way we think. She’s also interested in stories that challenge us to be better citizens, and better humans. 

Jenna has a wide range of publishing experience, from book packaging, to book doctoring, to ghostwriting. She has spent over twenty years looking out for authors’ interests and nurturing them through the publishing process. She began her career at Ross Yoon in D.C. in 1999, and though she moved to the West Coast a couple of years later, she never really left Ross Yoon, working with agency clients throughout the past two decades. 

As an editor for becker&mayer!, Jenna worked with authors such as David McCullough to shepherd his bestselling 1776 into illustrated form, and the late Stan Lee to create an interactive experience of his Marvel Universe. As an owner of Girl Friday Productions, Jenna helped grow a small editorial collective into a prosperous company. And as a ghostwriter and book collaborator, Jenna has nurtured seventeen books through from idea formation to finished manuscript. Jenna’s projects include Carine McCandless’s The Wild Truth, Diane Tavenner’s Prepared, and William Stixrud and Ned Johnson’s The Self-Driven Child.