Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Micah Brocker of Corvisiero Literary

Micah Brocker is a literary agent with Corvisiero Literary.

Micah has spent the last five years in the business world helping entrepreneurs and artists fulfill the financial and legal knowledge needed to succeed. It has been her lifelong dream to foster careers for all artists, in particular authors and screenwriters. At Corvisiero Literary Agency, she is interested in fostering her client’s careers from the start and building their businesses with them.

In both film and novels, she is interested in YA contemporary stories that deal with messy relationships and issues that can help young adults put words to their experiences. She is also looking for YA science fiction and urban fantasy that provide an escape while still helping us connect to the everyday troubles of growing up.

In adult fiction, she loves women’s fiction and upmarket fiction that deals with burdensome secrets, messy relationships, and a character with a deep desire to change their life, the world etc., especially with a psychological, sci-fi, or romantic twist!

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