Get to Know a Literary Scout in Attendance: Kate MacGregor of MacGregor & Luedeke Literary Agency

Kate MacGregor is part of the team at MacGregor & Luedeke Literary Agency.

Kate is the agency’s in-house editor, and is happy to take pitches at the 2023 SWW on behalf of several co-agents actively building their client lists. If Kate thinks that a writer-attendee has a book that a co-agent will enjoy, she will request materials from the attendee, and then pass those submission materials directly to the best agent at the agency.

On behalf of co-agent Alina Mitchell, Kate is taking pitches for: nonfiction proposals including memoir, biographies, how-to, elementary & secondary education topics, religion/spirituality, narrative nonfiction, and new perspectives in history, arts & culture.

On behalf of co-agent Elisa Saphier, Kate is taking pitches for: Elisa is open to most genres, as long as the novel or memoir is well-written, but she is partial to character-heavy stories that tell her something about herself or the world around her. She is hoping specifically to represent marginalized writers and their stories, doing her small part toward equalizing the publishing playing field. She is almost never interested in religious or experimental writing, but is otherwise open to being won over by just about any piece of excellent writing.

On behalf of co-agent Colleen Oefelein, Kate is taking pitches for: Colleen is looking for romance–heart-rending love stories in most sub-genres (no erotica) and romantic suspense, as well as young adult and adult fiction: harsh and sobering contemporary, low fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, unusual re-tellings, suspense and thriller. In nonfiction, she’s interested in proposals for high-profile crime memoir, whistleblower memoir and narrative nonfiction on the subjects of science or medicine. Colleen is a disabled veteran living in Alaska with her husband, son, and boerboel. A former 911 call taker and dispatcher for Alaska State Troopers, she has a soft spot for veterans and law enforcement families.

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