Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Noah Grey Rosenzweig of Triangle House Literary

Noah Grey Rosenzweig is a literary agent with Triangle House Literary.

Noah grew up in New Jersey (home of the best bagels in the country!) before moving to D.C. in 2017 and graduating from Georgetown University. He is currently the editorial fellow for Roxane Gay Books and was previously a literary assistant at Ross Yoon Agency.

Noah is interested in representing both fiction and non-fiction. He is a reader of all fiction but has a particular love for literary, climate, and speculative fiction, as well as the occasional YA novel. He has an eye out for stories that hold up a mirror to our culture in new ways, and he’s especially interested in queer and trans coming-of-age fiction.

They are also looking for narrative non-fiction that chronicles recent history, cultural trends, technology, and social rules that explain why and how we live in our current world. Above all, Noah is looking for work that is subversive — in prose, style, or subject.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Eve Adler of Red Fox Literary

Eve Adler is a literary agent with Red Fox Literary.

I’m an agent at Red Fox Literary, where I represent board books, picture books, early readers, and chapter books. Prior to joining Red Fox, I held editorial positions at Macmillan, Penguin, and Union Square Kids. I’ve worked on a variety of formats, series, and publishing programs, including bestsellers and award-winning titles such as Girls Who Code: The Friendship Code by Stacia Deutsch, the Hello, World board book series by Ashley Evanson, and The Ninth Night of Hanukkah by Erica S. Perl.

I’m actively building my list, and welcome submissions in the 0-10 age range, especially from author-illustrators. I’m drawn to stories that make kids feel comforted, loved, and understood; to diverse voices; to ideas that break the mold; to projects that meet kids where they are developmentally; and to books that expand kids’ worlds while helping them understand their own.

What I’m looking for: I’m seeking projects for ages 0-10 that elicit strong emotions—I love manuscripts and dummies that give me goosebumps. That’s how I know they’re worth pursuing! If you’re a visual person like me, check out my MSWL Pinterest board.

Please note that I do not represent YA or adult books, and I’m not interested in fantasy, horror, or sci-fi.

Here are more specifics for my wish list:

Illustrator portfolios:

I’m open to any type of artwork appropriate for a children’s book, as long as it feels fresh and original, and has its own unique style. When I look at portfolios, I’m looking for samples that make me feel something, and make me wonder what the story is behind the image.

Board books:

I’d love to find board books on the artsy side, whether they explore simple concepts or more involved topics (while still being appropriate for the audience, of course). I’m particularly eager to find artists who might not have considered children’s books before. The board book space keeps evolving, and there’s always room for innovation! I’m also interested in character and story themed board books. Some examples are The Hair Book and the Bear & Penguin series.

Picture books:

–Kid-friendly social emotional themes: I’m always on the lookout for stories that tackle issues kids deal with, like anxiety, burnout, perfectionism, feeling shy, scared, nervous, etc., and help them deal with these feelings. For example: What If, Pig? about anxiety, and Trying, about self-doubt.

—Cultural themes: I love books that address kids’ experiences with their cultural heritage, like Where Three Oceans Meet and Ten Ways to Hear Snow.

–Biographies: I can’t get enough of picture book biographies! I love learning about inspiring people who have impacted our world. Some favorites are Before John Was a Jazz Giant, The Tree Lady, Magic Ramen: The Story of Momofuku Ando, and Shark Lady.

–Humor: there’s always a need for humor-filled picture books! I like stories that have substance, and offer something in addition to a good laugh. Some favorites are the Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast series and the Elephant & Piggy books.

–Holiday books: I’m interested in books that broach holidays in original and/or sweet ways, such as The Tooth Fairy vs. Santa and Bunny with a Big Heart. I’m also looking for books about lesser-known holidays.

–Jewish-themed books: I’m eager to find Jewish-themed books that are fun and relatable to kids, and have universal themes like The Ninth Night of Hanukkah. I’m interested in books that explore tougher topics, too, as long as they’re done in an innovative, striking ways. –Nonfiction: I enjoy nonfiction that’s approached in a relatable, kid-friendly way like If You Had Your Birthday on the Moon and The Great Water Cycle Adventure.

Chapter books:

I’m interested in simple, short stories aimed at ages 5-8, and longer, and more involved stories aimed at ages 7-10. I’d love to see graphic novels for this age range, too! Here are some themes I’m interested in:

–Funny/Silly: the wackier the better! Some favorites are Kung-Pow Chicken and Pea, Bee, & Jay. —Adventure/Mystery: I love stories that push adventure and/or mystery to the brink, like CatStronauts.

—Friendship or books based on one character: these resonate when done well. Some examples are Fox & Chick, Boris, and Yasmin.

Fun facts about me:

– I grew up in France, Thailand, the U.S., and Germany.
– I’m bilingual in English and French, and speak a bit of Spanish and German. I studied Japanese in elementary school, though sadly I’ve forgotten most of it!
– I’m a huge fan of hiking and our national parks, and hope to visit them all someday.
– I’m very, very claustrophobic. Maybe that’s why I love being outdoors!
– I’m an avid baker, and am always trying new recipes.
– I don’t like the taste of coffee, though I find the smell quite comforting.
– I get a new batch of books from the library every few weeks or so to read with my kids, and regularly post about my #libraryhauls on Instagram (@publishing_eve). It’s one of my favorite parts of the week!


Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Hannah Andrade of Bradford Literary Agency

Hannah Andrade is an Agent & Royalties Manager at Bradford Literary Agency.

Hannah (she/her) started as an agency assistant before moving on to acquire her own clients. She’s been with Bradford Literary Agency since 2017 and has had the privilege to work with a number of bestselling authors across a variety of genres. She likes to think of herself as an editorial-focused agent and is particularly eager to acquire BIPOC/underrepresented voices. She is prioritizing stories of joy where identity isn’t the focus and is especially excited about stories rooted in history, mythology, and legends, particularly those that are lesser-known or underrepresented in traditional publishing.

Hannah is very interested in stories that explore the intricacies of multicultural identities. She loves stories of immigration (not relegated to America) and of first/second generation Americans who struggle balancing the values of their country with the culture and heritage of their parents (as in the tv shows Ramy or Gentefied). As a Mexican-American, she would particularly love to see the stories that she grew up with showcased in new and creative ways.

In fiction, she seeks:

  • dark and transporting Young Adult fantasy
  • atmospheric and whimsical Middle Grade
  • Young Adult & Adult mysteries with a unique hook
  • clever retellings of folklore/legends/myths
  • stories that feature diverse voices and multicultural experiences
  • Graphic Novels

In nonfiction, she seeks:

  • Adult narrative nonfiction
  • Investigative journalism/true crime stories with strong voice

Hannah is NOT looking for:

  • Inspirational
  • Memoir
  • Poetry
  • Screenplay
  • Erotica
  • Political/medical thriller
  • Cookbooks
  • Horror

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Monica Rodriguez of Context Literary

Monica Rodriguez is a literary agent with Context Literary.

Monica’s solution-driven strategies support our clients’ books before and after they’ve hit the shelves. She loves maximizing the career potential for our authors and brainstorming new ways to discover life-long readers. In addition to her Director of Brand Management role, Monica is also a Junior Agent. She is on a mission to help uplift underrepresented voices in publishing, specifically within the Latinx community.

Monica gravitates towards stories about identity, family relationships, and travel. She is looking to uplift underrepresented voices, including, (but not limited to) authors who identify as People of Color (BIPOC), disabled, neurodiverse, and LGBTQ+. In children’s literature, she is actively looking for PB, MG, YA & Graphic Novels. She is also open to adult and non-fiction submissions.

According to her MSWL, in fiction, she is open to: Action/Adventure, Children’s, Commercial, Family Saga, General, Graphic Novel, Historical, Horror, Humor, LGBTQ, Literary, Middle Grade, Mystery, New Adult, Picture Books, Poetry, Romance, Science Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult

In nonfiction, she is open to: Cookbooks, Humor, Journalism, LGBTQ, Memoir, Pop Culture, Psychology, Science, Travel

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Kelly Bergh of Lucinda Literary

Kelly Bergh is a literary agent with Lucinda Literary.

After beginning her career as an editor in academic publishing and briefly serving as a children’s librarian, Kelly joined Lucinda Literary to begin building a list in adult practical nonfiction, specifically in the categories of health and wellness, spirituality, and popular science. She selectively takes on children’s and gift books/decks in the same areas.

A certified yoga teacher, Kelly is drawn to representing authors who seek to educate and empower those curious about what it means to live in alignment with their values. She is looking for PhDs and journalists who want to share their research with a general audience, as well as established thought leaders and influencers seeking a new medium through which to connect with their existing audiences.

Kelly holds a master’s degree in publishing from Drexel University and splits her time between Philadelphia and Seattle.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Zoe Howard of Howland Literary

Zoe Howard is a literary agent with Howland Literary.

After working with Howland Literary and Lookout Books while earning my BFA in Creative Writing and Certificate in Publishing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, I am now building my own list of adult literary fiction and adult nonfiction. I am also a literary publicist at Pine State Publicity.

More than anything, I am drawn to writing that lingers—on language, on character development, on the subtleties of character relationships, on place, on a niche subjects—and makes the details discovered there pop. I would love to read writing that explores boundaries: poets writing prose, region-specific writing about the coastal or “convenience store” south and the western United States, non-traditional narrators, unhinged women in fiction, and so on.

Across the board, I’d love to see:

  • Region-specific writing: Southern writers on the coastal and “convenience store” south, writing about the Western US. Specifically, I would love to see underrepresented voices from these regions.
  • Writing that is fascinated with material culture in all forms: our objects, histories of the things we use and keep, consumer culture, relics, and so on.
  • Off-kilter nature writing, or books set in muggy, remote, and enriching environments (show me your swamps, marshes, and the creeks behind your houses).
  • Melancholy: bring me your memoir and characters who know they can’t have what they want.
  • Parasocial relationships between “normal” people and celebrities (or micro-celebrities), and codependent relationships.
  • Writing about women on the internet, in all forms!
  • Stories that immerse me in the life of one person: their obsessions, habits, spaces, relationships, work, favorite things.
  • Writing that appreciates religions and subverts our expectations about them.

In adult fiction, I’d love to see:

Voice-driven stories that subvert reader expectations of their subject matter.

  • Subversive, sexual, queer women gone rogue—Melissa-Broder-type characters who are shamelessly off-putting, and have not only rejected gender roles, but all social expectations entirely.
  • “Not queer enough,” or not recognizably queer characters, bisexual characters, all LGBTQ+ characters experiencing joy.
  • Contemporary, literary takes on the Western that critique genre tropes.
  • Casual magic, or magical realism that is grounded in a mundane life.

In adult nonfiction, I’d love to see:

  • Narrative nonfiction, memoir, and essay collections that blend personal narratives with research.
  • Memoirs on the relationships between person and place.
  • Writing about niche TikTok genres and internet culture.
  • Essay collections that blend pop culture knowledge with personal narratives.
  • Writing that engages with para-social relationships, celebrity, and so on.
  • Religion/spirituality.
  • Any niche subject that the author is so interested in.

Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Andie Smith of the Booker Albert Literary Agency

​Andie Smith is a Literary Agent at The Booker Albert Literary Agency, where she started out as a Literary Intern. She is also a writer and editor of multiple genres. Andie has previously served as an writer and editor for several local newspapers and magazines in Central Florida and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Public Administration. When she’s not agenting, she’s spending time with her husband and two kitties or hanging out at Disney World.

Andie is currently looking for Young Adult or Adult genres including but not limited to contemporary, romance, thriller, speculative, dystopian, issue-driven, fantasy, eco-fiction, and sci-fi.

​She loves anything that can transport her into a new world and has a habit of getting emotionally attached to strong characters. Her favorite tropes are enemies-to-lovers and fake-to-real relationships. As an autoimmune advocate, Andie would love to see stories with MC’s embracing life through all disabilities, from those that are more obvious to invisible ones.

Andie is not accepting picture books, middle grade, or nonfiction at this time. She is also not the best fit for any genres of religion, horror, poetry/prose, or historical fiction. While not a total dealbreaker, Andie tends to shy away from stories with on-the-page cheating, abuse, rape, and reference to self-harm and/or suicide (off-page references are acceptable).