Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Chelsey Emmelhainz of Copps Literary Services

Chelsey Emmelhainz is a literary agent with Copps Literary Services.

Chelsey joined Copps Literary Services in 2021 after a decade as an editor of upmarket fiction and nonfiction. Upon graduating from the Denver Publishing Institute, she got her start at HarperCollins with William Morrow and Avon Books. She was most recently a senior editor at Crooked Lane Books.

As an editor, Chelsey worked on projects that cross the literary landscape: from Amish romance to upmarket thrillers and everything in between. Yet her true passion lies in helping authors refine their narratives to create compelling stories and advocating on their behalf. An editorial agent, she works tirelessly with authors to polish their work into commercial projects aimed at catching the eye of editors and publishers.

Chelsey is building a highly selective list, focused mainly on adult fiction and nonfiction. Regardless of genre, she is always looking for authentic storytelling and to elevate diverse voices.

Fiction: Chelsey loves high-concept adult fiction that expertly weaves complex, layered conflicts into a fast-paced narrative. She wants to see what your characters do when pushed to their limits. Her target genres include: horror, supernatural thriller, suspense, mystery, romance, and upmarket commercial fiction. Her ideal projects feature fresh, high-concept hooks and multifaceted, layered conflicts. She is especially interested in unique takes on modern relationships—be they romantic, platonic, or familial.

Nonfiction: While drawn to adult narrative nonfiction that features strong storytelling and author voice, Chelsey is ultimately seeking projects that aim to entertain while they educate. She gravitates toward American history, hidden history, true crime, platform-driven nonfiction in the social sciences (especially concerning politics, feminism, and social justice), as well as deep dives into specific subjects with a prescriptive approach, aiming to help the reader live a better life, such as Johann Hari’s Stolen Focus. Regardless of topic, Chelsey’s nonfiction authors bring a well-rounded platform and unparalleled expertise to their chosen subject matter.

At this time, Chelsey is NOT seeking: “Quiet” or “character driven” literary novels, fantasy and it’s subgenres, political thrillers, military fiction, noir mysteries, short stories collections, science fiction, young adult, children’s books, middle grade, poetry, graphic novels, or erotica.

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