Get to Know Editors in Attendance: Jennifer Worick and Daniel Germain of Sasquatch Books & Little Bigfoot

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 3.51.11 PM.pngJennifer Worick is the editorial director of Sasquatch Books. She is taking pitches beside associate editor Daniel Germain.

In her role, Jennifer is passionate about bringing excellent books into the world. Before joining Sasquatch, she was a publishing consultant and New York Times best-selling author. She has written more than 25 books and helped hundreds of writers develop book proposals. Prior to that, Jennifer served as editorial director at Running Press and becker&mayer!

Genres & categories: “At Sasquatch, our adult acquisitions team acquires nonfiction books by Pacific Northwest authors, artists, influencers, and thought leaders on the following subjects: cookbooks, health and wellness, nature, house & home, self-help, craft and how-to, history, pop culture, and lifestyle, as well as memoir and books that capture the zeitgeist of our current culture in ways large and small.”

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 11.14.09 PMDaniel Germain is on the lookout for engaging, untold nonfiction stories from our region. If it’s unusual and compelling, he wants to read it. With an eye towards art and design (and a huge fan of graphic novels and comic art), he is also interested in any project that can combine a regional nonfiction topic with a striking visual program.


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