Get to Know a Literary Agent Assistant in Attendance: Cortney Radocaj of Corvisiero Literary

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 2.27.43 PM.pngCortney Radocaj is a literary agent assistant with Corvisiero Literary. Cortney will be taking pitches on behalf of herself as well as the entire Corvisiero agency.

Cortney’s taste tends to gravitate toward certain genres – sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal/supernatural, dystopia, and psychological thrillers consistently draw her in. But while genre is an immediate hook for her, it isn’t her only requirement; she adores books with strong, dynamic, complex characters that have complicated and nuanced relationships with others. She enjoys when authors break stereotypes and tropes and question cultural stigmas, and she loves when plots and characters surprise her, leaving her breathless on the edge of her seat.

Cortney is happy to take pitches on behalf of her co-agents at Corvisiero Agency in the following fiction genres: contemporary romance, thriller, adventure, urban fantasy, middle grade (all kinds), erotica, LGBTQ, young adult (all kinds), romantic suspense, new adult, historical fiction, and magical realism

Please do not pitch her with screenplays, short stories, nonfiction, picture books, or poetry.

Cortney has spent her life eating and breathing literature. From the time she could hold a pen in her hand, she’s been writing everything possible, from journal entries to poetry to works of fiction. She’s devoured every book that’s come her way, and she continues to read as much as she can. She graduated from New York University with a Bachelor’s in English and two minors in Psychology and Creative Writing. While in New York, she worked with America Reads – a program that places college students in classrooms to tutor students – for two years. She also interned at Macmillan Learning and has spent the first few months after graduation back in her home state of Washington, spending her time freelancing, ghostwriting, editing manuscripts, and running an after-school art program for her dad’s fifth grade class. Outside of books and writing, she loves working on DIY projects and other crafts, particularly knitting. She also enjoys consuming copious amounts of chocolate and tea.

Her most recent obsession is Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses series, and she is frothing at the mouth to get her hands on the Throne of Glass series and dive in.


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