Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Adria Goetz of Martin Literary Management

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 11.07.57 AM.pngAdria Goetz is an associate literary agent with Martin Literary Management.

She represents the lifestyle genre and everything under the Christian writing umbrella: children’s picture books, middle grade, young adult, adult fiction, and adult nonfiction (including memoir). If your work does not fall somewhere under the Christian/inspirational umbrella, she is not the best fit for your work.

Prior to becoming an Associate Literary Manager, Adria fostered her knack for developing creative work during her three years as an intern and assistant at Martin Literary & Media Management with Sharlene Martin and Clelia Gore.

Adria is a 2016 graduate of the Columbia Publishing Course in New York City, a six-week intensive course on all aspects of book, magazine, and digital media publishing. She is a graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle with a B.A. in English with a creative writing emphasis. Adria has also worked for Washington’s Pierce County Library.

Adria lives in the Seattle area with her husband Alex, a youth pastor, and her bunny, Eleanor Roosevelt. She tweets at @AdriaMGoetz.


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